If you are searching for a beach destination that has the fun in the sun that you want, make your way to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic this year. This is one of the Caribbean’s most desirable destinations, known for its beaches with mountainous background awesome landmarks, and fun stuff for all ages. But, there’s still many more reasons to look into this vacation, including the five listed below.

1.    Beaches: If you love to hang out on the beach, there’s little doubt that you will enjoy Puerto Plata. It is a tropical paradise with endless miles of beaches to enjoy. The white sand is a perk to the already amazing scenery that you can experience in the area.

2.    Costs: Don’t think that you cannot afford this vacation. It is a reasonably priced getaway and happens to be one of the most affordable in all of the DR! Compare the rates and discover firsthand just how affordable this trip can be.

3.    Vacay Packages: Did you know that you can save even more money when you use Puerto Plata vacation packages? Packages include everything needed to have a grand time in the area for a price that might put a smile on your face as you save cash.

4.    Location: When you’re in Puerto Plata, everything is nearby. It is easy to access various parts of the island with ease and without worry. There’s even an airport to make your life a little less stressful.

5.    Golf: Are you a golfing fan? If so, there are some pretty impressive courses to enjoy while in Puerto Plata. Both professional and public courses make it easy for golfers with all expertise levels to enjoy the game.

Puerto Plata vacation packages

You know where to go when it’s time to leave for vacation this year!