The Inca empire, which was one of the great native empires before it was conquered and destroyed by European colonizers, still left a few treasures behind. One of these is Machu Picchu, and while the ancient temple is surrounded by a mountain, it’s still a worthwhile trip if you are interested in living history and the ancient time period.

One of the biggest tips is to buy tickets well in advance, as they are quite popular year-round. While you might be able to find tickets a few days or weeks before your trip, it’s easier to simply buy tickets a long while in advance to avoid not being able to get in at all. Hiking in the other mountains also requires some extra payment and needs to be scheduled well in advance.

Machu Picchu travel

Since you are hiking up a mountain, the altitude is something you might need to think about. It isn’t that bad if you already gotten used to the main cities before, but taking some precautions against feeling the altitude is always a good idea. Machu Picchu travel is hard, and the altitude can easily become a problem the harder you work.

Drinking water, coca tea, or taking medicine from Peruvian pharmacies will help with the altitude sickness. Also, take your time during the hike to admire the view and rest your body!

In addition, be sure to wear long sleeved clothes, because Machu Picchu is filled with bugs who want to suck your blood and leave your skin itchy. Even in the heat and with the exercise you’ll be doing, a little discomfort during the hike is much better than a ton of discomfort after it!

Finally, have fun. Machu Picchu is an amazing journey, and it will be one you will remember for a long time.